Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Installing Ubuntu on my new HP G62-a55SF

I recently bought a new laptop (see Fig.1) and of course, the first thing I did when I just arrived home was to format it and install a Ubuntu. I tried to perform this process even before to run Windows 7 for the first time but unfortunately it was not possible. Why? Because HP G62 series has an incompatibility with the Linux power administration, making the installation fails (black screen) even before the first welcome screen.

Fig.1 My new laptop

Because of that, in order to discard possible manufacture defects, I needed to run the pre-installed Windows OS and check that the laptop was ok.

To avoid the mentioned problem we need to install our Linux distribution with the option “ACPI=off” checked. But... If the installation fails even before of the first welcome screen, How could we mark this option?

Well, that is exactly what this post aims to explain so let's go!!

A. Prerequisites

An Ubuntu Distribution. With 4Gb RAM and a microprocessor I choose Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and 64-bit you can find the latest versions here:

B. Proccess

    1. Run your computer with the bootable Linux distribution inserted on the CD/USB

    2. Press F6 several times until the following screen appears (Fig.2):

      Fig.2 Screen After F6

    3. Press ESC, It will bring you to the main screen (Fig.3):

       Fig.3 Screen After ESC

    4. Press F6 and the “Other Options” combo will expand. Then press ENTER over the “acpi=off” line. The result should looks like this (Fig.4):

      Fig.4 Check acpi=off

    5. Finally press ESC (main screen) and select “Install Ubuntu”. An interactive, guided, and extremely intuitive process will guide you over the Installation.

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