Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello World!!

Hi everybody,

Today at work I have been trying to develop a little application with the idea of generating a simple xml including a set of data retrieved from from an Oracle data base.

For someone with some knowledge on computer science it could look like not a big deal.

I have been developing for almost five years on C# and recently I decided to move into a Linux/C++ development team in my new company (the last year I've worked as a “Product Definition”).

Linux and C++ is another world, that is a fact, but feeling like a complete newcomer after a wide programming experience is something difficult to explain (I spent almost a whole journey to develop the above application).

Through this blog, I will try to share my experience, avoiding people in my same situation to suffer as I am (understanding suffering as a positive way to grow) and, on the top of everything by creating a source of useful knowledge for anybody interested on have a contact with Linux and C++ world.

I will not only limit the content of my blog to C++, If I have an interesting experience with other technology or environment (Python, Eclipse CDT, Virtualization, Project Management, Java, etc) of course it will be included.

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